Engagement portraits at City Hall

San Antonio, TX

Pop the bubbly, M+F are engaged and getting married November 2024! We can't wait to celebrate these two next year and capture their big day.

When planning M+F's engagement session, there were a couple of questions that came up, like, "when do you typically send save the dates?" and, "is it too early to schedule our engagement session?" another favorite, "is it weird to wear all black?" I want to take the time to address these today.

When planning your timeline to send save the dates, you need to review your guest list for a couple of things: 1) How many out of state guests are you planning for, and 2) Is your wedding local or destination? If you are having a local/home-based wedding and majority of your guests are also local or live within the same state, you can get away with sending your save the dates no later than 6 months out. However, if you are expecting quite a few out of state guests and/or are planning a destination wedding, you'll want to give your guests a bigger notice to save the date. Typically anywhere from 6-12 months out is ideal. This can also just be a personal preference. If you want to give your guests a save the date a year+ out, there's no harm in that!

My turnaround time for engagement sessions is up to three weeks for a finished gallery delivered to your inbox. Sometimes it comes sooner, but I recommend planning for roughly 3 weeks in your timeline to be able to send out those finished save the dates with your engagement photos.

When it comes to what to wear for your engagement session, your outfits need to look and feel like you. If you aren't comfortable in what you're wearing, it will often show in photos. So make sure you feel comfortable and confident! If needed, I'm always happy to preview outfits and give you my feedback.

M+F's engagement session at City Hall in Downtown San Antonio came out beautiful. Their all black outfits exuded elegance and confidence that shined through in their photos.

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