Heirloom albums by Christina Martinez Photography

We'll follow five steps to build the album of your dreams: 1) Pick your album size 2) Decide on page count 3) Select your cover 4) Choose your upgrades 5) Order!

Step 1: Choose your album size

Select the best album size that works for you. Shipping is included in all album prices!

Step 2: Choose your page count

All of our heirloom albums come with 10 spreads which is equivalent to 20 individual pages (1 spread = 2 pages). I like to think of the 10 spread album as your highlight reel. It doesn't include everything, but it sums up the good stuff! If you'd like a more in-depth design, ask Christina for a full design that will cover all the details from start to finish. A full design can vary in the amount of spreads/pages based on the type of album we are designing. Full designs have a maximum of 40 spreads. Additional spreads are $10 per spread.

All designs will be finalized by you with 2 edit rounds!

Step 3: Select your album cover

Select Linen

Included in the listed price

Fine Linen

Additional $50 per album

Natural Leather Covers

Additional $100 per album

Distressed leather

Additional $100 per album

Step 4: Add on upgrades

All upgrades priced per album

Step 5: Order

Please email hello@christinamartinezphotography.com with your album order. Expect 4-6 weeks on turnaround + delivery once your album is finalized and your order is placed.

We offer 25% off for a duplicate album. We also offer bundle specials if you would like multiple albums! 

These are great for parents and family members!